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Cast Resin Transformer in Hyderabad

Cast Resin Transformer

Cast Resin Transformer is the perfect solution for electric power distribution in medium voltage applications. They require only air for cooling and are therefore maintenance-free. Powertech Transformers & Controls Pvt Ltd have established themselves as the forerunners in manufacturing Cast Resin Transformer in Hyderabad.

The cast resin Transformers come in 2 variants, Dry-type transformers, and the oil-filled transformers. The difference between the two transformers is the medium of cooling. The former is air-cooled while the latter uses oil as a medium of cooling. As oil-filled transformers are considered to be a fire hazard, it is not suitable in places where footfalls are higher. On the other hand, oil-cooled transformers have a lower operating sound in comparison to their dry counterparts and contribute to lesser noise pollution, thereby being suitable for indoor use. We offer best in class dry and oil-based transformers to our wide range of clientele with the assurance of prompt and effective after-sales service. These factors have enabled our transformer to stand out as the best and earned us the reputation of being the best manufacturer of Cast Resin Transformer in Hyderabad.