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Dry-type transformer manufacturers in India

Dry-type transformer manufacturers

Powertech Transformers & Controls Pvt Ltd are the best in class Dry-type transformer manufacturers in India.In cast resin dry-type transformers, the complete encapsulation of primary and secondary winding in epoxy resin prevents penetration of moisture into windings. Dry-type transformers are used for small and medium voltage applications and are ideal for utility, commercial, and industrial applications. The cast resin transformers simplify the installation procedure as they do not require cooling oil. They are ideal for use in commercial areas. However, they are preferred for outdoor applications due to the greater noise generated than the oil type transformers.

Dry-type transformers offer good protection against adverse conditions and can also function without interruption at 100% humidity. Due to the high-grade insulation material, coils are non-hygroscopic & the transformer can be switched on directly even after a long period of service interruption. Cast resin transformers are efficient, economical, and have greater safety features than conventional oil transformers, as the oil transformers are a fire hazard due to the flammable oil used for cooling. For procuring the best quality transformers, consider Powertech Transformers & Controls Pvt Ltd, the leading Dry-type transformer manufacturers in India.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Resistant to short circuits (High Mechanical Strengths)
  • Non-Flammable Resistant to Temperature Fluctuations
  • Moisture Resistant since non Hygroscopic
  • Space saving, permitting compact installation
  • Practically to maintenance; Long and Trouble-Free Service
  • Suitable for Hot and Humid environments
  • Automatic temperature control and protection


In service in diverse Industries, Electricity Boards, Nuclear / Thermal / Hydel Power Plants, Railway Traction, High-Rise Buildings, Hospitals, Subways, Underground Vaults, Tunnels, Schools, Steel Factories, Chemical Plants, etc. Where safety is of prime concern.

Technical Specification

Rating Three Phase 100 kVA to 1000 kVA
Applicable Standards IS 11171, IEC 726, ANSI.C.12.01
Cooling AN, ANAF
Frequency 50 Hz, 60 Hz
Vector Group As specified
Primary Voltage Upto 33 KV
Secondary Voltage 220/127, 480/277 V (Other Voltages as required)
Winding Material Copper/ Aluminum
Tapping Range + 5% in steps of 2.5% (Other tappings as required)
Impedance In line with applicable standards