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Transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad

Transformer manufacturers

Powertech Transformers & Controls Pvt Ltd have emerged to be the leading Transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad.This privilege is bestowed upon us due to the exceedingly high quality of our transformers and prompt and effective after-sales service. The cost-effectiveness of the transformers along with the timely delivery has also contributed to our success.

Transformers are widely used in electrical apparatus of all kinds and in particular in power transmission and distribution. A transformer is a static device used either for raising or lowering the voltage of an AC supply with a corresponding decrease or increase in current. By electromagnetic induction, an alternating current of one voltage is transformed to another voltage, without change of frequency. We offer power and distribution transformers, substation, meter panel boards among other equipment. Integrated in-house production & testing facilities supplemented by state-of-the-art technologies guarantee reliability and efficiency for all the Indian Markets. For the best in class transformers in the market, get in touch with Powertech Transformers & Controls Pvt Ltd, the leading Transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad.