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11 KV load break switch manufacturers in India

11 KV load break switch manufacturers

One of the leading 11 kV load break switch manufacturers in India is Powertech Transformers & Controls Pvt Ltd. The 11 kV load break switches are manufactured to be suitable for mounting in steel enclosures. The components that go into the manufacturing of the load break switch include epoxy insulators, double switchblades among others.

The mainframe of the device is usually a steel structure and the contacts are mounted on epoxy insulators. The switch comprises a spring-assisted mechanism which ensures constant speed during opening and closing operation. The switch also contains stored energy tripping devices. The salient features of this product include compact and efficient design, ability to trip in case of sudden fluctuations, suitability for capacitor bank current switching, and an optional mechanically interlocked earth switch. During switching operation the load break switch is subjected to mechanical, thermal, and dielectric stresses and its ability to withstand these stresses effectively has led us, Powertech transformers & Controls Pvt Ltd, to be the sought after 11 kV load break switch manufacturers in India


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  • LBS Frame
  • Insulators
  • Brass Top Fixed Contact
  • GFN Moving Arm
  • Copper Moving Contact
  • Brass Bottom Fixed Contact
  • Main Switch Operating hole
  • Main Switch Indication
  • Earth Switch Operating hole
  • Earth Switch Indication
  • Main Switch On/Off Indication
  • HT HRC Fuse
  • Shunt Trip Coil

Technical Specification PTC-12/630/1250A

Rated Voltage 12KV
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Rated Current 630A/1250A
Rated Peak Current 62.5 KA
Rated Short time current / 3 Sec 25KA/3 Sec
Rated Making Current 62.5 KA
Rated Breaking Current 630 A
Impulse Voltage , Wave Shape
  • To Earth
  • Between Poles
  • Between Open Contacts
1.2/50 MS
  • 75 KV
  • 75 KV
  • 85 KV
Power Frequency Test Voltage
  • To Earth32 KV
  • Between Poles
  • Between Open Contacts
1.2/50 MS
  • 32 KV
  • 32 KV
Dimensions (Ref . Drg. Enclosed)
  • (a) Between Poles (Centres) mm
  • (b) Between Open Contacts mm
  • (c) Between Live parts and Earth mm
  • (d) Arc Duration
  • 210PP
  • 120
  • 120
  • 5-20m.Sec