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Power Control Centers(PCC) Panels

Power Control Centers Panels

We design our panels keeping in mind the experience gained from installation contracts resulting in increased safety of personnel and equipment, ease of maintenance, installation and commissioning. The design incorporates a host of safety and convenience features.We have type testes our Power Control Centers(PCC) Panel for short circuit withstand capacity of 50kA RMS 1 second.

Power Control Centers(PCC) Panel, in which your main incomer is directly connected to your LT transformer either by bus duct or cable & all protection given to this incomer i.e. over current & earth fault relay, restricted earth fault relay. Also this panels have DG incomer as per client requirement of continues power supply even if main supply will be OFF. PCC Panel also includes outgoing feeders like PDB, MLDB and APFC & MCC feeders' incomer.


  • Free standing, Floor mounting
  • Single / Double Busbar system
  • Auto source changeover
  • Distribution Panels suitable for installations

Technical Data

  • Rated Operational Voltage : Power circuit-440 Volts AC, 3Phase 4wire or 3 wire. Control circuit-110 Volts, 220 Volts, 415 Volts AC.
  • IP 52/54/55 PROTECTION.
  • Minimum Busbar clearance : Phase to Phase 25 Phase to Neutral 25 mm.

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