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Power distribution transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad

Power distribution transformer manufacturers

One of the best Power distribution transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad is Powertech Transformers & Controls Pvt Ltd. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and are known for the high quality and reliability of our products. We have over 10,000 transformers in operation and offer the best service to our customers.

Power distribution transformers provide effective power distribution in various enterprises. The load requirements of individuals, industries, and commercial services can be met with the use of distribution transformers. Distribution transformers are an electrical isolation transformer which converts high-voltage electricity to lower voltage levels acceptable for use in homes and business. The primary function of a distribution transformer is to step down the voltage and provide isolation between primary and secondary winding. Electrical energy traverses through distribution transformers and reduces high-distribution voltage levels to end-use levels. Nearly all energy passes through at least one distribution transformer before being consumed by an end-user appliance, motor, or another piece of equipment. Distribution Transformers are useful in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. We are known for our high-quality transformers and are considered the best Power distribution transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad.